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Nipple and areola surgery

(The areola is the brown area around the nipple.)

1.Inverted nipples

This is quite common. Milk ducts are too short and pull the nipple inwards.The solution is to cut these shortened milk ducts

2.Surnumerary nipples

Extra nipples can be present in a row on what is called a milk-line . They can be removed

3.Large areola

A donut excision is done to reduce the diameter to an average of 4-5 cm.

4.Protruding or tuberous areola and nipple

The connective tissue is too weak and causes a “hernia” of the areola. This happens frequently with an underdevelopment of the breast.A surgical correction is possible.

All these techniques can be done as outpatient procedures and under local anesthesia.Complications are negligible.

Inverted nipple

Surnumerary nipples

Tuberous areola's

Inverted nipples

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