Armplasty, Arm lift or Brachioplasty

When excessive skin is present at the underside of the arms, this can be corrected by an armplasty.

The indications are :

Large weight loss which does not lead to a retraction of the skin.

Aging which also causes loss of elasticity of the skin.

In some cases there is also a deposit of fat under the skin.


Surgical approach

An elliptical skin segment is resected, together with underlying fat, from elbow to armpit

Three points need particular attention :

1.the scar should not cross the elbow, where it becomes very visible

2.the scar should be placed on the inside of the arm in such a wat that it is least visible at the front and back.

3.An intracutaneous suture should be placed in order to have the best possible scar.

4.It is very important to evaluate the amount of skin in order to have neither an excess of skin nor a scar which is too tight and broadens over the course of healing.

This operation can be done under local anesthesia and in day care.



Pain is light to moderate for 1-2 days.

Bandages stay in place for 4 days.

The intracutaneous sutures can stay for an average of 6 weeks, as they contribute to the formation of a scar that stays thin.

It takes about one month for the arm for the swelling to decrease and up to a year for the scars to heal completely.



The main problem can be the healing of the scar.

If sutures are taken out too soon, there may be widening of the scar.

Special care needs to be taken

Keep the scar out of the sun for one year

Put some moisturizing cream on the scar for 3 months

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