The location of the scar

The incision for the implant to be inserted can be made in four different places :

1. In or below the fold at the bottom of the breast (inframammary approach)

There is a scar on the breast, but it is barely visible.I generally place my incisions 4-5 cm long, in the inframammary fold. It is the easiest way and one that gives good access to stop bleeders. It is also the only way in case of anatomical implants.


2. At the edge of the transition between areola and skin (peri-areolar)

The peri-areolar scar is on the edge of the areola. One needs to have reasonably large areolas. I don't use it often,because it is an access through the breast, which leaves scar tissue which is difficult to discern from beginning cancer on an X-ray. Also the nipple sensation can be diminished.


3. In the armpit (transaxillary)

The transaxillary approach has a scar behind the fold in the armpit. It has the advantage of being less visible. But the approach is blind, meaning that there is no control of bleeding vessels and a higher incidence of capsular fibrosis.

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