How to decide which volume is appropriate ?

The size of the implant is not measured in cups but by volume in cubic centimetres (cc.) Volumes start at 100 cc.,used mainly in cases of asymmetrical breasts. The sizes go up to 600 cc. and more.

Average sizes are between 240-300 cc.(increasing by an average of 33% in two decades)


While consulting a plastic surgeon, test implants that can be inserted in the bra. (no padding)

At home the volume can be estimated by inserting a small plastic bag (diameter 12-15 cm.) filled with water , into the bra.


Volumes of 200, 220, 240, 260cc. and more can be inserted into the bags. In case anatomical implants are chosen, volumes need to be increased by 10% compared with rounded implant volumes, because of the upper pole extension.


By comparing different volumes left and right, one can have a good idea of the implant size.This size can always be discussed with the surgeon.

After the operation, breast volumes are 10% more than the final result for 10 days, due to the inflammatory swelling.



Anatomical implant with an upper pole. These types of implants need to be positioned along a vertical axis.

Anatomical Implant

An excellent introduction is the brochure about breast implants by Dr.Hall-Findlay from Canada

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