Why a silicone-gel implant still is the best choice.

1.The envelope of the implant

All implants have an envelope made of silicone rubber. It is strong enough to last a lifetime and some manufacturers give a lifetime guarantee. The risk of tearing the implants is almost nil. In case of triple lumen implants,there are three layers if silicone rubber, adding even more to the strength of the implant.


2.The content of the implant

I prefer silicone-gel filled implants because they have a more natural feel than water filled implants.Water filled implants can cause rippling. A good explanation is found here :




The best silicone filled implants contain a cohesive gel, which is more solid but nevertheless gives a very natural feeling, mimicking the consistence of the breast itself. In case of rupture –by external forces – the gel does not’t bleed into the surrounding tissues.




The advantages/disadvantages of cohesive gel implants are explained in detail here :




3.The difference between anatomical shaped and round implants

On this site you can see examples of round and anatomical shaped implants




Round implants cover the needs at 80% of cases. They are used when patients have a sufficient subcutaneous fat layer. The shape of the upper border of the implant does not’t show through the skin as a dimple.

An anatomical implant is droplet shaped, with a tapered-off upper pole. I use this type when patients are rather thin. As anatomical implants are asymmetrical in shape, they need to be placed through a incision below the breast. An axillary or nipple incision will not be possible.


4.Implant Profiles : low-medium and high profile

Depending on the projection needed, low or high profile implants are used. This is largely a question of personal choice.




5.Texture of the implant : the surface roughness of the envelope

Smooth implants have almost completely been substituted by rough textured implants. Roughness of the envelope counteract capsular fibrosis.

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