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What are good reasons for a breast reduction or lifting ?

1.Sagging breast : Lifting (Breast Pexy) is the solution

2.Breast reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty) for large breasts (breast hypertrophy)

sagging skin and breast tissue
sagging of the nipple and areola
volume of the breast too big

In some cases, there are medical problems on top of the cosmetic ones.


Eczema and Fungal Infections


Back pain :the weight of very large breasts can induce chronic back pain

3.Breast reduction before the age of 18

In case a young person develops large breasts during adolescence, it is recommended to wait until the breasts are fully developed, which is at the age of 18-20 years. This is not an absolute rule, as even young girls age 15-16 can also experience psychological pressure and even medical problems. This should be evaluated case by case. In case of surgery, I ask a written consent of both parents and patient.

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