Breast uplifting pics

Deep ptosis

The vertical and peri-areolar scar are still visible after 6 weeks but will improve.

Pictures of breast uplifting


Frontal view of previous patient

No implants were needed and the rounded full volume has been obtained by remodeling the breast tissue with internal sutures

Breast lifting pics

A ptosis with good volume but sagging skin

Results after 4 months with very faint scarsThe areola has been reduced to a diameter of 4 cm.

breast uplift before and after

Ptosis with sufficient volume and sagging skin with large areolas

The result is one week old, and antiseptic ointment is used to protect the scars against infection.The scars will heal well within 6 months

Breast uplift pre and post

Patient with a moderate ptosis and asymmetry

Results 5 months postop. The scars heal well but will improve even further as the redness will disappear.

breast uplift photos

A moderate ptosis with asymmetry of the breasts

There is still some very slight sagging of the right breast. It is sometimes needed to overcorrect the deepest breast, but it is difficult to evaluate how much the areola will drop again.

breast uplift pics

An excellent result seen after 2 months.

The periareolar scar has almost faded completely. The vertical scar needs more time as it is shortened by making horizontal folds. These take more time to disappear . An implant gives volume to the breast

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