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Breast augmentation with fat

The principle is simple : harvest your own fat and transplant it where you need it, in this case, your breasts.

The technique has been refined and up to 80-85 % of fat can survive. Thanks to a very gentle method of liposuction, the BodyJet, the fat cells are not damaged when harvested.


Here is a website that covers the main aspects of the waterjet or BodyJet technique



These cells need to be re-injected in an area where there is enough blood supply. An average of 250 cc of fat can be injected in one session. More fat would not survive because it could not make contact with ingrowing new vessels fast enough.

This method can give you one cup size more than previously. This may not be spectacular, but it is enough for many patients.


This procedure can be carries out in day care and under local anesthesia



This is a very good summary of the theory and technique of breast augmentation with own fat cells.



Another good article describing the procedure and the underlying theory of fat stem cell transplantation



Here are some of the results which can be obtained with breast augmentation with own fat (Autologous fat transfer)