Buttocks Augmentation with fat : The Brazilian Butt lift

The choice between a butt implant and your own fat


There are two methods to augment the buttocks : inserting an implant or transplanting your own fat.Both have their pro and cons, Personally I prefer to do the fat transplant for the following reasons:



Obviously this method is suitable only for patients who have a sufficient "pool" of fat, generally on the abdomen, hips or thighs.


So my personal preference goes to fat transplantation. I'll wait a few years to see if implants stand the test of time.



The BODYJET for harvesting fat through water jet assisted liposuction


Recently a new technique has been added to liposuction.It is based on the removal of fat cells by a water jet and is called the Body Jet


For the removal of fat , it presents a lot of advantages :


Transferring the fat


The BodyJet system also consists of a container which allows fat to be collected in a sterile and conditioned environment


The fat is then transferred to several syringes and the fat is transplanted in a fan-like shape to bring it into contact with the buttock muscle



Here is a list of Youtube video's about the BodyJet method.



You can also have a look at the BodyJet site and find out why it is different from traditional liposuction.




One example of fat transfer to the buttocks. (not the Bodyjet method)



Another example of Brazilian Butt lift


Have a look at before and after photographs of Brazilian butt lift