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Buttocks lifting


This technique is different from the buttocks augmentation with fat transplantation or implants.


When the buttocks are sagging, after severe weight loss or aging this is called a buttocks ptosis. It can be treated with buttocks lifting, a technique that is based on stripping epidermis (not the complete skin and subcutaneous fat) away over an ellips of skin and sliding both upper and lower incisions over this area.


There are two benefits to this operative technique :


1.The excess area is used as an augmentation to the buttocks instead of being discarded

2.The skin of the buttocks is tight again


There are four types of lifting (according to Dr.Raoul Gonzales) depending on the type of problem and they leave scars with different length at different levels of the buttocks.


Here is a good overview of the things to know before embarking on a gluteal ptosis surgery and some pre and postop photos