II.Deep wrinkles:

Same damage in the dermis, but deeper.

Caused by the action of facial muscles (laugh lines or crow's feet) through repetitive action over decades.

Some of them cannot be treated effectively, because the underlying muscles continue to have an effect on the overlying skin.


The following treatments may apply:


III.Folds and Sagging skin


Are caused by excessive skin with or without some fat underneath it. The cause is almost always aging. The elastine fibres disappear from the dermis and make the skin less elastic. The collagen degenerates and makes the skin thinner.

Examples :

Sagging skin

Is caused by loose skin, not supported by internal fibrous “anchors” in the skin


Drooping eyebrows


Surgically stretching the skin is still the best solution for folds, eventually combined with liposuction. A deep nasolabial fold can be treated by a combined liposuction and a facelift.

In case of drooping eyelids, they can be repositioned by stretching the skin upwards




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