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Lifting in different areas of the face

It is obvious that a forehead lift is a very different different animal from a classical midface lift with neck lift.

Click on the following links for more on these lifting's

Classical facelift
Neck lift


Depth of lifting

A lot has been said about the dept of a lifting. As we go deeper, the healing process is longer and the risks of cutting a nerve are bigger. Deeper liftings are designed to make liftings more permanent, which is still a debatable issue. In view of the fact that patients don't want a long recovery time, the pendulum swings back to lighter forms of lifting, such as the MACS lift.

Subcutaneous facelifts : under the skin
Subfascial lifts :
Under the SMAS (Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System) in the cheek.
Under the platysma muscle in the neck
Deep liftings such as the “Composite lift “(Hamra)


Open and closed techniques

Finally there are :



Ancillary treatments

Following treatments are combined with lifting's but are not strictly facelift techniques





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