Fat transplantation

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When fat is transplanted from one zone to another in the same person, this is called an autologous transplantation. The technique is in use for over 80 years. There have been refinements lately in both the harvesting and the injection of fat that enhance the chances for survival of the fat. On average between 60-80% of fat survives.


Advantages and disadvantages over other types of fillers:



Success rate


How is it done

Harvesting the fat

The fat needs to be harvested with as little damage as possible. Doing a liposuction can be quite damaging, so - if possible - the harvesting should be done with a syringe.

Washing the fat

The fat is washed to remove of damaged fat or oil, blood and local anesthetics.

Transplanting the fat

The best method is to harvest and transplant immediately. Small quantities should be injected evenly over the area. It will be injected mostly into the muscles and the fat layer under the skin.


Which areas can be transplanted?

1.The face

Lower eyelid, lips, cheeks and the jaw line can be augmented. The nasolabial fold can be filled to flatten it.


The back of the hand can be filled with small amounts of fat to fill the deepening spaces between metacarpal bones.

3. Buttocks

Augmentation of the buttocks is discussed in a separate chapter.


A limited augmentation of the chin can be obtained with fat transplants.

5.Depressed scar tissue

Traumatic loss of fat can be compensated partially with transplants. There may be problems with an insufficient vascularization of the area.


Postoperative care

Patients may complain of pain the first day only.

The transplanted area should be left undisturbed in the first days in order to promote the ingrowth of new vessels. Moving should be restricted to the absolute minimum for about one week.


7. Short and long term complications


There will always be some edema for a few days, in particular with transplants in the lips, which will swell markedly for up to a week. This edema will go away fast.


2.Irregular contour

Even with small and evenly distributed fat, absorption can occur and leave irregularities in the contour. Lips are a delicate area.

Building up the right amount of volume in an orderly fashion needs to be done in several sessions.


Sometimes small calcifications can be felt in the contour. This is a rare occurrence after fat augmentation





Areas for fat transplantation to the face

Transplantation to the buttocks

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Fat can now be transferred to the breasts also for a moderate augmentation