Fourteen good reasons to choose for cosmetic surgery in Europe, more precisely in Antwerp,Belgium

1. Belgian plastic surgeons have a comparable training to colleagues in the UK, 13 years in all.

Therefore we can guarantee an excellent result, without complications and at a cheaper price.

2. I work in a hospital and in a private clinic.We do state of the art treatments and surgery in both facilities

3.I have more than 24 years of experience without any major problems

4.Loojk at the reviews in "testimony"

5. I never saw an MRSA infection with my patients

6.The whole team speaks English.

7. The hospital departments and the equipment are state of the art.

8. I am reachable day and night, and on weekends

9.There are very fast and frequent connections between the UK and Belgium.

10. I'm GMC registered

11.There are almost no waiting lists

12. We are still cheaper than our UK colleagues, because of cheaper overheads.

13. The pound is slowly increasing in value, making treatment even a better value, month by month.

14.Have a city trip to Antwerp in combination with treatment.