The Little Book of Lipo: Everything You Need to Know About Liposuction but did not't't Know to Ask


Which zones can be treated with liposuction ?

Neck and jaw line : this is done as an independent procedure, but very often also as an ancillary treatment in face-lifts.

The face : also done independently or in conjunction with a facelift. The nasolabial folds and the “hamster” or geniolabial folds are problem zones that can be improved with liposuction.

Breasts : in case of breast hypertrophy - provided the breast contains a sufficient percentage of fat- liposuction can be of help in reducing breast volume.

Gynaecomasty or male breasts : a reduction of the volume is almost always done by liposuction, whether or not it is combined with a resection of glandular tissue.

Arms : upper arms can be treated well by liposuction, provided there is no sagging of the skin. A liposuction can be supplemented by a resection of skin, the armplasty.

Abdomen : a lot of patients ask for lipo on the tummy, which is a delicate zone. In order not to have contour problems, liposuction should be done with the outmost care, but gives very good results.

In cases where the fat resides mainly under the muscles ( the beer belly in men ) liposuction cannot be done. Nevertheless liposuction can be a start in a process of slimming down, the surgeon providing part of the solution above the muscles and the patients dieting back to a normal weigh.

In case of an abdominoplasty ( tummy-tuck) a liposuction can be a second phase treatment after 6 months. It is not recommended to do liposuction and a tummy tuck in the same session. The vascularization of the skin could be impaired.

Hips : easy to obtain a very good result. Hips are treated together with abdomens.

Back : patients often ask to remove folds of fat on the back. This is not always possible as these folds are often not as fatter as sagging skin. A liposuction does not improve the aspect dramatically and patients should be examined and made aware of the limitations in these zones.

Buttocks : a good indication if these are not sagging from aging, otherwise to be approached with care because the dangers of worsening the sagging.

Buttocks surgery has become more popular in the recent decade. New techniques such as silicone implants, fat transplantation and resection of skin and underlying fat have been refined. They can be complemented with liposuction in other parts to create a better contour

Outer and inner thighs : these zones are frequently asked. The outer thigh contains more dense fat, whereas the inner thigh has very loose fat. Both should be treated with fine canulas ( the hollow rods through which the fat is suctioned). On the outer side there is a risk of contour irregularities, on the inner side there is a risk of skin sagging. The surgeon needs to evaluate the elasticity of the skin above all. In some cases a thigh lift procedure is recommended together with a liposuction.

Knees : also a very popular area. A liposuction can get rid of the soft fat in this area very easily. The fat usually sits above and on the inner side of the knee. Small canulas need to be used in order not to create irregularities

Calves :These are very delicate zones. The fat sits in the lower part of the calves and makes them more “column” like. Again, small canulas need to be used to slowly sculpt the fat out in order to obtain an harmonious result.

This is also a quite painful procedure as the claves swell after the treatment, the skin is tight and the calve muscles contract heavily in this limited space. It takes a few days for the pain to go away and several months to obtain the final contour.