Lips are too thick

Under local anesthesia, a strip of tissue (mucosal lining + fat ) can be taken out. I close with a fast resorbable suture. The scar is on the inside of the lip and is not visible.



Very reasonable pain, which goes away after 1-2 days. Paracetamol 4 X 500mg. is prescribed for a few days.

B.Postoperative care

Lips always react by swelling heavily. But the swelling decreases rapidly, within days.

The scar at the inside needs to be kept clean by liquid antiseptics. Food in the first days should be smooth but not liquid, for 2-3 days.


A. Short term

Bruising of the skin (Ecchymosis)


When blood migrates into the skin, the skin first turns blue after a day or two. Over a period of 10 days it further turns into green and finally yellow before disappearing completely. No ointments should be used to speed up this resorption of blood. They could only add a rash.

Blood collections (Haematoma)


When more blood accumulates in the virtual spaces between subcutaneous fat and skin, this is called a haematoma. This is very uncommon.

Their natural course is to convert to hard nodules -over a period of weeks-, which sometimes can be felt, and trouble the patient. They also disappear very slowly, over the course of months.


In the first week, sensitivity can be impaired a little, but this comes back without any problem.


Infection is also very rare because the lip resists infection very well. Nevertheless a good hygiene and prevention of infection are important.


B. Long term

Esthetical problems

Asymmetrical results need to be avoided at all costs. Drawing a symmetrical line on the lip is the most important step in this surgery.

The evaluation of symmetry should be done after 3 months, because an haematoma can also be a temporary cause of asymmetry, which goes away with time.