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Thin lips

A person can have thin lips or develop them while aging. Lips start to thin at the age of 50


There are three ways to treat thin lips : fillers, fat transplant and silicone implants.


Injections with hyaluronic acid (HA) are very safe and give good results. HA is naturally present in the dermis and is therefore well tolerated. But it will be broken down over the course of 3-6 months and the injection needs to be repeated.

It is a fast, safe and efficient way, but a recurrent bill is the side effect


1.Injection of fat

In one session, fat is removed from another zone on the body and re-injected in the lip.

This is also a fast and quite simple treatment done under local anesthesia.

The fat needs to be implanted nearby small blood vessels, in order to survive. Transplanting a larger amount of fat in one session leads to a breakdown of part of it because the new blood vessels could not develop and reach this fat in time for survival. So the treatment to be repeated with small amounts of fat with 2-3 months in between.


2. PermaLip implant


This is a new permanent implant made of semi-solid silicone. The results are very good It is no liquid silicone, but rather feels like gummy-bears. It behaves completely different from liquid silicone, which should never be injected in the lip. The PermaLip implant can be removed within minutes, should te patient wish so, liquid silicone cannot be removed easily and can -in the course of years -induce chronic inflammatory response around the injection sites.

A small tunnel is made from one corner of the mouth to the other, between muscles and skin. The implant is then inserted into this tunnel and positioned.

The operation can be done under local anesthesia


Possible complications

A. Short term

Bruising of the skin (Ecchymosis)


When blood migrates into the skin, the skin first turns blue after a day or two. Over a period of 10 days it further turns into green and finally yellow before disappearing completely. No ointments should be used to speed up this resorption of blood. They could only add a rash.

Blood collections (Haematoma)


When more blood accumulates in the virtual spaces between subcutaneous fat and skin, this is called a haematoma. This is very uncommon.

Their natural course is to convert to hard nodules -over a period of weeks-, which sometimes can be felt, and trouble the patient. They also disappear very slowly, over the course of months.


In the first week, sensitivity can be impaired a little, but this comes back without any problem.


Infection is also very rare because the lip resists infection very well. Nevertheless a good hygiene and prevention of infection are important.

B. Long term

Aesthetical problems

Asymmetrical results need to be avoided at all costs.

IMplant : Making the tunnel symmetrical and in the correct position is the main concern. The evaluation of symmetry should be done after 3 months, because an haematoma can also be a temporary cause of asymmetry, which goes away with time.

Fat transplant : slight irregularities are due to uneven resorption of fat. This should be compensated in a second session


Fillers :moderate swelling and redness only on the day of injection. No complications whatsoever.


The “Paris “ lip

Fillers augment the philtrum and the white roll of the lip and highlight these areas. This is called a Paris lip procedure




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Lip augmentation before

One week after augmentation with PermaLip