MACS lift or minilift


pre and post MACS lift


A minilift is an alternative for a full facelift in cases where problems are less pronounced. It is usually done at a younger age.

The incisions are shorter, the dissection under the skin is limited. The healing process is consequently shorter.

One type of minilift is the MACS ( Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) lift, developed in Belgium about 10 years ago and winning in popularity all over the world because of its reliable results and the relative simplicity of the procedure. This technique can be done under local anesthesia and in day care.

3.For whom?

A MACS lift is adequate when there is:

It is a solution for people who want some improvement in the face without the downtime of a complete facelift

4.How is it done ?

There are two versions

1.Limited MACS lift

2.More extended MACS lift

Both techniques can be done under local anesthesia

5.Possible complications short and long term

This is a safe technique and complications are limited:

Bruising of the skin (Ecchymosis)

When blood migrates into the skin, the skin first turns blue after a day or two. Over a period of 10 days it further turns into green and finally yellow before disappearing completely. No ointments should be used to speed up this resorption of blood. They could only add a rash.

Blood collections (Haematoma)

When even more blood accumulates, this is called a haematoma. The natural course is to convert to hard nodules -over a period of weeks-, which sometimes can be felt, and trouble the patient. Haematoma also disappear very slowly, over the course of months.

Visible scar formation

Very rarely an hypertrophic scar can develop. Hereditary factors play a role in the exuberant development of scar tissue.


marking the incision from the earlobe to the lower hairline

MACS lift dissection

Limited technique with short scar and limited dissection.Two permanent sutures are placed into the smas and anchored above the zygomatic arch

Extended MACS lift with longer incisions, broader dissection and 3 permanent sutures as before and one more in the buccal fat to lift this area also

MAcs lift technique