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Short and long term problems nose surgery :


When breaking the nose, a small artery can be damaged, the arteria angularis. This may cause a blue eye and swelling. There are no consequences: swelling and color will go away over weeks.

Edema of the skin

Healing will be longer at the tip compared to the bridge because of the thickness of the skin.

Esthetical problems

They occur more frequently than in other operations.
The reasons can be:
  • Bad planning and/or execution
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Healing problems
Several months should pass between a first and a second operation.
  • The nose needs to heal first
  • Some problems disappear spontaneously
A common problem is the supra-tip deformity :
It is caused by the excessive deposition of scar tissue, just above the tip. It can be treated by minute injections of cortisone







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