What procedure to follow in case you are interested in a treatment with us :



A deposit is a way to confirm your wish to have treatment and to avoid no-shows.The deposit should be made within 2-3 days after you confirmed having treatment by me.


There are two ways to make the deposit of 250 euro :

1.Deposit via Paypal (recommended): you will get an invitation for payment by email

Paypal is a a widely used and very safe method of payment. I use it all the time when ordering something on the web.

I recommend using this way of payment as it is also fast.

How is it done ?

I’ m sending an email to paypal to invite my patient to pay a deposit.

Paypal sends you an email with the details of the procedure and you are asked to pay the amount requested

There is no need for you to have a paypal account.

Once the payment is accepted, I get a confirmation email from Paypal.


2.Deposit via transfer from your Bank to my Bank : you have to go to your bank

This method is also safe, but takes more time and you have to your bank or do an electronic transfer (if possible)

If you choose this method, please let me know when you transferred the money in order to track the payment and let you know when it arrives

You should transfer the deposit to my Bank, details will be sent through email

A confirmation of reception of the deposit will be sent by e-mail to you within days of receiving this deposit.

Do not forget to mention your (maiden) name and the date of treatment/operation in order to identify the deposit

Example : Smith Susan / 27-09-2007



The balance will be paid upon arrival at the desk of the hospital (VISA,MASTERCARD and Cash in euro). You will receive an invoice.

Here is a handy Google currency converter


The price list will load in your browser or be downloaded to your computer

Price List Dr.H.Tytgat