Dr.Hubert Tytgat Cosmetic Surgeon in Belgium, at the center of Europe

I am a registered plastic surgeon for more than 24 years. I trained at 3 universities, Leuven and Antwerp in Belgium and Cologne in Germany.

My registration number in Belgium is 1/06058/60/210 The last tree digits 210 identify a plastic surgeon. I also am registered with the GMC in the UK (General Medical Council)

Cosmetic surgery has become a good part of my work, along with reconstructive work. As I work in a hospital for so long, it may be an indirect indication that my work is o.k.. (Bad surgeons don't last very long in a hospital ).

We also work as a team, each having competences which complement each other . For example,there are surgical nurses assisting the surgeon, nurses taking care of the patients coming out of the O.R. and nurses on the wards. We have very competent anesthetists, specialized in every field of anesthesia, be it child anesthesia, local or regional anesthesia

The hospital is a 300 + bed unit , very modern both in technical equipment ( 8 state-of-the-art operating rooms) as in the accommodations. This spells safety and competence.

We are a private hospital, but the state still imposes us fixed prices for reconstructive surgery. For cosmetic surgery they are free. In pricing we have adapted to the Belgian market .Prices for Belgians and for foreign patients are the same.Even with a weak pound this could be a opportunity, because we have lower fixed costs than our British colleagues, without having to cut corners in expertise and quality.

I'm always on the outlook for newer and better methods to do the job, which sometimes involves large investments. It is not my aim to ask more money for better techniques, but to improve the wellness of my patients. But of course, all disposable materials used in an operation have to be paid too.

I consider myself a no-nonsense surgeon. I like to give information, ( this website of almost a 100 pages should be proof ) to listen to what my patients want, to calculate a decent price, to do a good follow-up both in Belgium and over the net. If an operation cannot done by me, I will tell the patient. The reasons may be that I lack the experience, the necessary instruments (such as particular lasers) or that I think the operation will not produce the expected results. I can say no when needed. So I will refer patients in these cases if needed.