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Some recent testimonials from patients

You have done a lip reduction a few months ago.I know I'll have to wait a few months to see the final result, but it already looks perfect today. I am extremely happy with the result and only regret not having met you before.Thanks a lot !!!

ms O


I am so pleased with the results of your operation. The size you proposed is perfect and now the scars have completely faded, it has really enhanced my figure and my wellbeing both physically and mentally. Thank you again for your support and good work. I would recommend you as a surgeon to anyone.

ms K


mes joues sont bien, elle ne se sont pas creusées, au contraire, elles se sont améliorées, je suis allé chez le coiffeur aujourd'hui, d'habitude j'ai peur de me regarder dans la glace, hors mon visage est normal, les joues sont bien remplies

(my cheeks are ok, they are not sunken in, on the contrary, they have improved. I went to the hairdresser today. Usually I'm afraid to look in the mirror. But my face is normal, the cheeks are well filled)

mr L


Thanks for all the instructions and suggestions. I very much appreciate your aftercare. I will not hesitate to recommend you.

ms C


Nobody has said that I look much different, its when I'm talking about my children and someone may ask how old are they that's when I get you don't look old enough to have kids that age, I think to myself if only you knew........ i'm really pleased I had it done, it's made me feel so much more confidant, I go out more, much happier with life so all in all it was the right thing for me. Thank you

ms G


Everything is fine and healing well, and i'm thrilled with the results.

ms S


Very happy sir. You did a very good job. I hope my good luck follows.

Will send pics when out of hospital. Everything got too much for me and i went to **** in ****, uk.. Will keep u updated.Please thank your staff as i was treated like a star.

ms A