B.Long term complications:


1.Excess skin on both sides of the scar

Only an excision of this skin with the underlying fat will correct this problem, which occurs as a mistake in planning the excision


2.Esthetic problems

The scar is asymmetrical

There are various reasons for this to happen. It should be corrected after a few months, under either local or general anesthesia.

Navel too big or too small

Both situation can occur, they need to be corrected after 6 months, under local anesthesia

Lateralisation of the navel

The navel is emplaned to the left or the right of the midline. Again it can be corrected easily under local anesthesia, but will leave a small horizontal scar connected with the navel. It happens through misjudgment of the surgeon, or because the patient is not well positioned on the table.

Excess skin

After several months there might be some excess skin resurfacing above the abdominal scar. This is caused either by not removing enough skin, or because of skin laxity. The skin is stretched in the beginning, but - comparable to an old elastic band- succumbs after a while to the tension.

Skin can be removed under local or general anesthesia. Because the tension will be less, the risk of relapse will be reduced.

Reduced sensibility

There is always some loss of sensibility from navel to pubic area in the first months. This will slowly improve. In some cases there is a small permanent zone of insensibility between navel and pubic area, which generally does not disturbs the patient. No treatment can be given.

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