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Good reasons for doing a tummy-tuck :

Having lost a lot of weight

People loose a lot of weight by themselves -through perseverance- or because they had a bariatric operation; such as a ring around the stomach. If the skin is not very elastic, it will hang down like an apron. It happens even with young people

Post- Pregnancy

Same cause, loss of volume at the belly with same effect, loose skin. The abdomen should be given the opportunity to return to normal for about 6 months before seeking advice of a plastic surgeon.

Medical reasons

Some patients suffer from back pain because of the weight of the abdominal excess. A tummy-tuck can do wonders by removing weight that acts as a lever on your mid-spine

Other patients have skin problems

This can be intertrigo, skin infections both bacterial as fungal


Not so good reasons for doing a tummy-tuck


True « beer belly » obesity is not a good reason. The fat sits behind the muscle and cannot be removed. It's like stretching skin over a football. People need to slim down before embarking on any surgery.

Vascular problems of the abdominal wall

Scars across the abdomen

Previous vascular surgery or serious vascular problems


If you have a moderate obesity, do yourself a favor and loose a few pounds. Your results will be much better. The fat behind the muscles vanishes and makes tightening of all structures much easier. Contact a diet specialist and work out for a few months.


A low or a complete tummy-tuck ?

In some cases, mostly after pregnancy patients remain with a slightly bulging abdomen and some excess skin under the navel. These problems can be solved with a low abdominoplasty. The dissection stops at the level of the navel and the incision is shorter. The postop recovery is also shorter. However I do see slightly more seroma with lower than with full abdominoplasties.



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