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Reasons to do an upper eyelid correction

There is an excess of:


These excesses of skin/muscle occur in everyone past the age of 45-50. Sometimes it occurs in much younger persons, generally as a hereditary trait.


When is an upper bluffer not a good idea ?

A blefaroplasty cannot help in the following cases or complications may be expected:

Sagging eyebrows

They may suggest an excess of skin, but actually it's the eyebrow, which is lower.An endoscopic brow lift is indicated here, with or without an upper blefaro if needed.

Crow's feet

They are deep wrinkles in the skin on the side of the eyelids. Dermabrasion, laser can help

Dry eye syndrome

When patients have an impaired ability to make tears, an ophthalmologist needs to be consulted because a blefaroplasty can exacerbate this condition.

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