How is upper eyelid surgery done?

1.A semi-lunar drawing is made on the upper eyelid where skin and muscle needs to be resected.

2.Injection of local anesthesia. This solution is buffered to markedly reduce the pain of injection.

3.Resection of the marked segment of skin. Judging this amount is crucial. It is better to err on the safe side: removing some excess skin in a second procedure is easy.

(On average the results are excellent and long lasting.)

4.Incision of the septal structure, the deep structure that keeps the fat around the eye.

Excision of excess fat, most on the inner and the middle area of the eyelid

5.Closure of the skin wound with a running suture of a non-resorbable thread.

Sutures are removed after 5-6 days


Right : The skin is removed

Left :The muscle is removed

Left : The fat is removed through small holes in the septum

Right : intracutaneous suture

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